MMOG/LE Assessment Tips l Consolidating Sites Into One Ecosystem

MMOG/LE Help Desk

MMOG/LE Help Desk

It is strongly recommended that organizations that have multiple facilities submitting MMOG/LE Assessments only have ONE parent account for the MMOG/LE web portal.




Once the parent account has been created, each facility will still need to purchase an individual license that includes security controls at the site level. Our records indicate that several parent companies have more than one account because each facility purchased its own license, creating separate ecosystems across one enterprise. By using this approach, organizations will be unable to take advantage of pending releases that will allow them to download, review, and analyze data across the enterprise. Furthermore, as these new features are released, customers may request consolidated reports, which suppliers will have to complete manually if the ecosystems are not consolidated.

As part of the MMOG/LE help desk support, BASICS will assist organizations with the consolidation process.  However, this is only offered as a free complimentary service for the 2021-2022 assessment year. With each year that passes, the process becomes more complicated because more sites and assessments will need to be consolidated. Subsequently, organizations could be subjected to a consulting fee beginning with the 2022-2023 assessment year. Therefore, we encourage suppliers to take advantage of this service as soon as possible.  

Please be advised that this service is available by appointment only and, depending on the size and complexity of the organization, the consolidation process could be a multi-day process.

To book an appointment:
    • Click here to go to the bookings page
      1. Under “Select Service,” select “Consolidate MMOG/LE Ecosystems.”
      2. Select a date in the calendar that is displayed.  Once selected the available times will be displayed to the right.
      3. Select a time.  Please note that the time zones can be changed below the calendar.
      4. Complete the remainder of the fields at the bottom of the form.

    • Confirm that you have reviewed and agree to the privacy policies before submitting.
    • You will receive a notification confirming your appointment.  Please contact the MMOG/LE help desk at if you do not receive the confirmation.
Additional tips are posted on the MMOG/LE FAQ Site.  You can also contact the MMOG/LE Help Desk using the BASICS Contact Form if you need additional support with setting up, completing, or submitting your MMOG/LE Assessment.

Disclaimer:  Any MMOG/LE information published by B.A.S.I.C.S. is superseded by information published by Odette, AIAG, and customers, as applicable.  Always contact each of your customers to resolve any conflicts.
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