MMOG/LE Assessment Tips | Transfer Responses from Previous Assessment

Most customers require the MMOG/LE Assessment to be updated annually.  However, that does not mean you have to start with a blank assessment.  You can export the previous assessment and re-import it for the current year’s assessment. The instructions are provided below.

Please note that this feature was provided for convenience, not to bypass the assessment process for the current year. Successful businesses are rarely static. The world is constantly changing, and companies have to find ways to adapt, thrive, and remain competitive. The key to staying competitive is to remain agile. It’s essential to continually seek insights into what does or doesn’t work and remain open to making improvements to their operations. They must strike a balance that promotes standardization while also providing space to breathe and grow. And one way to approach this is by committing to annual assessments to ensure the company continues to achieve its organizational goals and objectives by maintaining industry standards and best practices while also focusing on its long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

  • Open the MMOG/LE Assessment from the previous year.
  • Download the assessment using the fourth icon in the Toolbox.

Make a note of the location where the file was saved.




  • Select All Assessments from the Edit menu.
  • Click the New assessment command button at the bottom of the Assessments for customers web page.
  • Update fields for current year’s MMOG/LE Assessment
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the Select assessment command button.
  • Locate and import the previous MMOG/LE Assessment that was downloaded.

Please note it is an XML file.







  • Click Save

Contact the MMOG/LE Help Desk using the BASICS Contact Form if you need additional support with setting up, completing, or submitting your MMOG/LE Assessment.

Disclaimer:  Any MMOG/LE information published by B.A.S.I.C.S. is superseded by information published by Odette, AIAG, and customers, as applicable.  Please contact your customer to resolve any conflicts.
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