Getting back to the BASICS…

Asking the right questions is just the start of getting back to BASICS. Knowing the right questions to ask are critical to the success of any process or project, but other things are important too.  It’s not only essential to assess the tool, but you must also assess the technique.

Standardize processes require not only the tools to be robust but also the techniques.  While automation can help an organization with workflow efficiency, and tools can help a team collaborate more effectively, too often, we lean on automation so much that we ignore the method/manner/way in which the task is actually being performed.  When investing in technology, sometimes, we are more focuses on making our jobs easier that we lose sight of the basics of why we needed to improve the process in the first place, ensuring that we execute the task timely and successfully.  BASICS focuses on the systematic process of achieving the desired results with accuracy and efficiency, including the tools and the techniques.

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