Getting back to the BASICS…

Asking the right questions is just the start of getting back to BASICS. Knowing the right questions to ask are critical to the success of any process or project, but other things are important too.  It’s not only essential to assess the tool, but you must also assess the technique.

Standardize processes require not only the tools to be robust but also the techniques.  While automation can help an organization with workflow efficiency, and tools can help a team collaborate more effectively, too often, we lean on automation so much that we ignore the method/manner/way in which the task is actually being performed.  When investing in technology, sometimes, we are more focuses on making our jobs easier that we lose sight of the basics of why we needed to improve the process in the first place, ensuring that we execute the task timely and successfully.  BASICS focuses on the systematic process of achieving the desired results with accuracy and efficiency, including the tools and the techniques.

Virtual Workplace Ecosystem

Reimagining the Workplace Ecosystem

Proximity should not compromise productivity. As we all adjust to the new norms, we must be able to reflect, respond to change, and update our approach to how we manage our day-to-day operations. To support this transformation process, BASICS can provide tools and techniques to clients who need to transition from on-site operations to virtual services and workspaces.

Have limited IT Administrative resources or skills? No worries.  At BASICS, our services also includes access to a vast array of Microsoft 365 Enterprise applications. We also have resources available to support and/or manage the MS 365 administrative needs for your domain and employees.


B.A.S.I.C.S. Misssion and Services

The BASICS mission is to AIDE entrepreneurs and small businesses with reimagining the workplace culture to strategically expand their business and sustain its competitive advantage by ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvements, and by getting back to the BASICS Principles of Success.


The BA6 Assessments will AIDE leadership by providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. We will evaluate and benchmark performance using a capability maturity model approach and work with organizations to attain and sustain its goals through the development and application of SMART objectives.

Identify Gaps

The ability to access, integrate, analyze, and interpret real-time data is essential when trying to identify gaps within an organization. The output of the BA6 Assessment, combined with business intelligence tools and techniques, will AIDE organizations with identifying gaps and potential risk in critical areas of the strategic plan and day-to-day business operations of the organization.

Develop Solutions

As we all adjust to the new norms, organizations must be able to adapt their approach to managing day-to-day business operations, both on-site and remotely. To support this transformation process, BASICS can AIDE with the development of integrated and automated business solutions and corresponding metrics to attain and sustain high-level results.

Educate Stakeholders

Documented processes, procedures, and contingency plans are imperative for both management and workers in order to understand management expectations and to provide instruction and guidance for completing tasks for day-to-day operations, non-standard tasks, and unexpected events. The goal of standardization is to do more with fewer resources, less time, and less effort. BASICS will AIDE with, not only, documenting processes, procedures, and developing training solutions, but also by providing tools and techniques to evaluate and reinforce the core competencies of the organization, but also for employees.

As part of our BA6 Assessment, BASICS uses a capability maturity model approach to evaluate workflow efficiency and identify gaps for managing your business remotely. Using the appropriate predictive and adaptive (agile) tools and techniques, we will work with your organization to close the gaps by identifying and implementing a wide range of solutions.  Examples include creating online team collaboration sites (i.e., M.S. Teams, SharePoint sites), developing desktop solutions (i.e., Access databases, Excel workbooks), and visualization tools (i.e., Tableau, MS Power B.I.).  We can also provide employee tools for tracking workload performance, efficiency, and online training.


No job is too small, as our philosophy is that it’s time to “Get back to the B.A.S.I.C.S.” Subsequently, we're available to support ongoing administrative tasks, such as documenting processes, procedures, and contingency plans, creating spreadsheets, presentations, brochures, and newsletters. We can also improve daily tasks by automating the process for generating, publishing, and distributing data analytics, reports, forms, and key performance metrics (KPIs).


Microsoft 365 Enterprise

At BASICS, our clients also have access to a vast array of Microsoft 365 Enterprise applications...

"The productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office apps, intelligent cloud services and advanced security to help your business achieve more."

  • Rethink productivity:  Connect employees to the people, information, and content they need to do their best work, from any device.
  • Streamline business processes:  Transform the way you manage your business with tools that simplify processes and improve responsiveness.
  • Protect your business:  Protect employees, data, and customer information without hindering productivity using intelligent security.

Have limited IT Administrative resources or skills? No worries!  At BASICS, we will support and/or manage the MS 365 administrative needs for your domain and employees. 

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The Materials Management Operations Guideline and Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) has been developed jointly by Odette International and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) as a unique Supply Chain Management capability assessment tool that can be used throughout all tiers of the automotive industry as well as across other industry sectors.  MMOG/LE establishes a common definition of supply chain management processes to help organizations determine the robustness of existing internal and external processes, streamline the flow of information and products, benchmark supply chain operations, facilitate corrective actions, identify opportunities for continuous improvements, and increase customer satisfaction.

BASICS has been designated by Odette as the official help desk support for MMOG/LE for the North American market.  BASICS will support the registration and setup process for the MMOG/LE new platform ( and technical support for migrating from MMOG/LE version 4 to version 5.

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