MMOG/LE Assessment Tip | Corporate Administrators

All organizations should have at least two Corporate Administrators (C-Admins), but no more than four, assigned in the web portal to manage access to the MMOG/LE Assessments.

If the C-Admin has left the organization and there is not another one assigned, to get the C-Admin reassigned, you will need to contact Odette to update the primary contact on the account. To update the contact, forward the name and email address of the primary contact currently assigned to This person is usually the employee who initially registered the account. You also need to include the name and address of the new primary contact. Odette will assign the new contact the C-Admin role, at which point they can use the Forgot login option on the login page to reset the password.

Once the new C-Admin is assigned, don’t forget to assign at least one additional C-Admin within the organization.

Please review MMOG/LE 2.2 to ensure that your organization has identified and documented the roles and responsibilities for primary and backup administrators for the web portal for the corresponding job descriptions, work instructions, and training matrices.

Contact the MMOG/LE Help Desk using the BASICS Contact Form if you need additional support with setting up, completing, or submitting your MMOG/LE Assessment.

Disclaimer:  Any MMOG/LE information published by B.A.S.I.C.S. is superseded by information published by Odette, AIAG, and customers, as applicable.  Please contact your customer to resolve any conflicts.