MMOG/LE Assessment Tips l Business Functions & Responsibilities

The MMOG/LE Assessment should be championed by the Supply Chain, however, it is not uncommon for individual criteria to be led by and assigned to other business functions within the organization. 

Once assigned, the organization can then use the Advanced Filters located in the Toolbox within the Assessment to filter by Business function or Responsibility.


Business Function – Allows an organization to record which department or position was, or should
be, interviewed for each criterion. The Business Function information can be especially helpful when performing ongoing annual assessments. This data can be filtered to group the responsible business functions/titles and associated criteria to be interviewed during the assessment.

– Used to give the responsible person’s name and/or title of the owner of the criterion response and/or delivery of the action plan as well as any associated details that need to be recorded for both the initial and ongoing annual assessments.

When criteria have been assigned to an alternate business function, the Responsibility should be assigned to the team member for the corresponding business function. Please note that, at the discretion of the organization, those team members can be given access to input their own responses by having the Corporate or Site Administrator create an Assessor user profile for them. In these instances, a team member within the Supply Chain should be assigned as the Alternative assessor, and both team members should be in agreement with the responses before the assessment is finalized.

Reminder:  Please review MMOG/LE 2.2 to ensure that your organization has identified and documented the corresponding work instructions, job descriptions, and training matrices for all employees responsible for participating and updating MMOG/LE Assessments.

Contact the MMOG/LE Help Desk using the BASICS Contact Form if you need additional support with setting up, completing, or submitting your MMOG/LE Assessment.

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